Empowering careers and lives through digital and tech education is our vision.

Roffers is the passion and vision of Mr. Jaspreet Singh, a Network Engineer, Digital Marketer, and Entrepreneur. His vision is to create a space where people from all walks of life can come to learn, evolve, and take a step to transform their lives. Roffers is the fruit of his labour and his journey. When he ventured into Digital Marketing back in England in 2004, it was a foreign concept to the people of India, but he realised that it is the Future of the World and virtual will be the new real world.

Roffers is not just another training institute, but an Ecosystem where you will enter as a Student, but leave as a Digital Entrepreneur. Overcoming the geographical barriers, we impart online education to the seekers of knowledge around the globe. Partnering with various tech companies, we stay abreast with the latest creations iI.T.e I.T. industry, latest trends, and tactics in Digital Marketing. It helps us to curate an updated, advanced, and practical course where students will learn on live projects.

We provide a flexible and dynamic digital platform where students have complete control over their domain and can choose the hours they want to study. Be it a student, professional, or a businessman, and you can choose how much time to invest in the course. Our certifications are government recognised, and our internship program will foster in students the values of professionalism, critical thinking; thereby, preparing students for the corporate world.

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Our practical Pedagogy for your Career in Digital Marketing

Why accept the change when you can change it according to your perspective. We intend to train our students to become torchbearers of change and creators of new fads. They will learn how to foresee the market trends and plan in a futuristic fashion, thus taking charge of the change.

The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving and infinite like our Universe. Everybody can have an equal opportunity here, and we want to inculcate in our students mentorship quality. Why become managers who delegate work, but seldom teach. It's time to rise above the managerial roles and become mentors for the future force of digital warriors.

Our founder's philosophy is to work to make a difference, not for appreciation. He believes that appreciation, accolades, and awards are the byproduct of great work. Keeping his philosophy as the foundation, we strive to preach our students to work for excellence and create a positive difference.

Being a jack of all trades won't work now. It's time to Master the Skill and be known for it. We believe in honing the person's core skills, as that's where they will excel and grow. During our counselling, we get inside the person's mind to know what he really wants and what drives him. Once that's clear, it's easy to choose your specialisation and master it.

When the foundation is strong, buildings last centuries, keeping it in mind, we ensure that our students experience a wholesome experience where they grasp the concepts from the root level, work on mock assignments to become confident, and work on live projects. Our students will not be limited to one task in a project. Instead, they will learn how to run the entire project single-handedly.

Theoretical learning is an old school; we believe in vestibule training. Our students will be assigned a project manager, and under his initiative, they will learn to implement the theoretical concepts practically. In this way, they can work on live projects and also build their portfolio. Our internship program will also help them work with the professionals in our digital consultancy wing and experience the real world.

Yes! Students have to earn their certificate by proving their mettle. We will conduct an exam and consider their performance during the learning period to ascertain their growth.


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