Career in Digital Marketing after Graduation-Know the 5 Secrets

career in digital marketing is a active option. The graduation period is a learning phase. But a challenging phase begins once you work in the actual world.

There is good no of jobs available. But do those jobs promise a high salary at the end of the month? Brainstorm about it. Why not choose a secure career. Digital marketing seems to be the most promising career option.

Avail of digital marketing courses. Learn all about the industry. DM has a vast options available. As per your skills, pick the right section of DM. Cherish your bright career. Secure job and possibilities to earn some handsome salary package.

An exclusive list of jobs as a career in digital marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager as a career in digital marketing. A DMM is the most promising job. Always scale-up the possibilities. Promote brands on SMP and be accountable. Up-scale your analysis skills and handle a large team. Get a progressive career as a successful DMM.

A career in digital marketing offers promising benefits. Furthermore, it is easier to apply for jobs in digital marketing anywhere.  Many companies seek skillful candidates. You can light-up the chance to fit in the organization.

In-return of the duties, you will get a good perks. The skills you need to become a successful digital marketers described below:

  1. Team handling skills
  2. Expertise in Digital Marketing
  3. Must be able to make strategies
  4. Must be able to generate revenue
  5. Should have knowledge of latest social media trends
  6. Must be able to target the preferred audience
  • Social Media Manager

The Second Position is Social Media Manager as a career in digital marketing. SMM is responsible for maintaining the progression of the brand. Be accountable for any social media posts.

Interact with clients and try to keep them. Ensure that posts apply to the brand. Make a marketing strategy with your team. Conversion of leads brings a promising growth and salary hike.

Your career as a social media manager is full of opportunities. If we speak about the job duties. Then they are all about making the brand presence.

The skills required to become an expert social media manager are:

  1. Digital marketing course certificate
  2. Knowledge of current market trends
  3. Good creative and communication skills
  4. Grievance resolving skills
  5. Look after day-to-day marketing campaigns
  6. Remain co-ordination among team members
  7. Be accountable for your actions
  8. Make sure that correct strategies applied to boost the presence of brand online
  • Content Creator

The third position is Content Creator. People love reading quality materials because it’s convincible. 

A belief is that good reading leads to bright knowledge. As a content writer, the foremost job-role is to keep the audience engaged. Stay connected to the latest market trends. Inter-relate the brand message and your writing skills. To give informative content to the audience is the top duty of the content creator.

A career in digital marketing is a vital option. Generating content, it’s never ending story. There are different niches where you can write. Select the right niche for you and start writing. Never stop as it is a journey that has no pause.

Your career as a content creator needs to have the following skills:

  1. Impressive writing skills
  2. Impeccable knowledge to write different contents
  3. Customer engaging content
  4. Appropriate knowledge of grammar and their usage
  5. Must be able to play with the words
  6. Must be able to have optimistic approach
  7. Must be able to write plagiarism-free content
  8. Able to generate content as per the market trend
  • Email Marketing Manager

The fourth position is Email Marketing Manager as a career in digital marketing. EMM is the most progressive designation that the aspirant can imagine. It is all about convincing potential clients. Furthermore, converts into a stable one. Being an email marketer, you need a brief history of your clients and their past. Deals that went wrong in the past must not have repetition. Email Marketer is responsible for maintaining a connection between client and brand.

Lately, the importance of email marketer is getting noticed. Many IT companies are looking for professional email marketers. Furthermore, the companies are looking for candidates that can bring a hike in sales.

Here we have mentioned some job duties of Email marketer:

  1. Analyze targeted audience and compel them to buy company product
  2. Handle the entire email marketing campaign
  3. Undertake career in digital marketing on serious note
  4. Make sure that email delivered in compatible format
  5. Impressive writing skills
  6. Generate reports and keep the record


  • PPC Planner

PPC stands for pay per click. The job of the PPC planner is to boost the sales and control the company budget. It’s a vital position as a digital marketing career. As a planner you need to make campaign planning and implementation easier. By enforcing the right planning. It’s convenient to boost sales and generate revenue for the company. You can enhance your analysis skills. Also, can submit a report on time.

Essential job duties of PPC planner are:

  1. Make effective PPC strategies
  2. Plan and act your PPC campaign likewise
  3. Pen-down impressive copy for adverts
  4. Kill potential to reduce fraud clicks
  5. Generate weekly or fortnight reports for upper-management
  6. Manage bids and plan likewise to get high ROI (rate on investment)


  • E-commerce Specialist

A career in digital marketing has variants of options. E-commerce specialist is an ideal option for the aspirants. The designation is in demand. There are different aspects of an E-commerce specialist. You will be responsible for handling customer queries. Also, accountable for boosting sales. Make an unignorable online shopping experience for the customers. Be accountable for less drop shipping rates and hike sales graph.

Apart from the high salary package, job security is a promise. Everything, these days is turning into online. It means that audience will buy goods through online platform. E-commerce specialist is a vital career in digital marketing stream.

 Read below some essential job duties being a e-commerce specialist:

  1. Good Communication Skills
  2. Good co-ordination skills
  3. Knowledge about affiliate marketing
  4. Handle day to day operations and resolve customer queries
  5. Make vital co-ordination between customers and business partners


To Conclude

A career in digital marketing after graduation has an endless number of options. Be the best among the rest. You can register yourself for an online digital marketing training in Ludhiana. The benefits of this digital marketing training in Ludhiana are beyond imagination.

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