Digital Marketing has become a Necessity and the Need of the Hour

Life today is not limited to food, clothing, and roof on the head for survival. It has become way more than survival, and people live to fulfill their goals and ambitions. The internet, which was initially used by big companies, has now become a household name. Even a housewife uses the internet to browse the latest recipes, and companies depend on the internet to expand and diversify their business. 

Digital Marketing came into existence in 1971 when Ray Tomlinson sent his first email. But the term Digital Marketing was popularised decades later. Now business and digital marketing are inseparably, and Digital Platforms have almost replaced traditional marketing. 

Look at the recent trends to understand the search for digital marketing, social media manager jobs not only in Ludhiana but across the country. 

Scope of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is not a recent concept, but its evolution began in the early 90’s. It gained acceptance and popularity in the early 2000s, and now in 2020, it has become the backbone of every business. If we talk about the scope of Digital Marketing, the industry has witnessed an upward trend. Now the companies are investing millions on Digital Marketing as the leads and revenue generated from Digital Advertising are way more than traditional marketing. 

One of the reasons why Digital Marketing has become an ever-evolving industry is because of the government’s initiative to make India Digital. It has generated many jobs in the digital sector. Another reason is the affordability of the courses and the duration of a course. In Punjab itself, there are many institutes offering Digital Marketing Diploma in Ludhiana and other cities of Punjab. The youth today is inclined towards professional degrees that upskill them and provide employment opportunities instead of degrees. And, talking about Digital Marketing, it gives freedom to choose to become an employment generator or consumer. 

The drastic shift in consumers’ shopping habits has enforced the digital presence of the companies. Now people buy everything from a Pizza to Apartment online or at least browse the internet to see the options and then go out to actually explore. This shift has made digital marketing skills amongst the top 18 skills a company needs today. 

The demand for digital professionals has been on the rise, and there has been a boost in the salary of a digital marketer in India. It’s a window of opportunity for people with a diploma in digital marketing to work as a social media manager as the job in Ludhiana, and other cities are on the rise. If we talk about what a professional will earn in the industry, check out the data compiled:

The dreaded 2020 and acceleration in demand for Digital Marketing

The world is scrambling as the global pandemic is wreaking havoc on the planet. Close to ten million people are affected, social distancing has become the norm, several companies have shut down, and the once surviving are opting for online business. Work from Home has become the need of the hour, and people are finding new avenues to sustain an income. From Multinationals to small businesses, everyone is going digital, and the need for digital-savvy employees has become urgent. 

Currently, India’s digital marketing is at 33.5% and will cross 225 billion marks by the end of 2020. Another factor that has led to increased digital marketing demand is the shopping habits of consumers. There is a shoot in online shopping, especially during the pandemic, as physical shops and malls are shut. It has led to increased E-commerce business, and the crisis these renowned E-commerce brands are facing is a rise in orders. 

Another trend observed in 2020 is the rise in the digital marketing business. Professionals opting out of jobs are aspiring to create their empire. The main reason behind it is digital marketing is easy to learn and practice, and the demand of digital marketers who can work as consultants for the companies. However, if you are planning to start a Digital Marketing business in Ludhiana or anywhere in Punjab or India, understand the market scenario and have expertise in it. 

Let’s talk about the Future

According to the predictions, by the end of 2020, almost every company in the world will have an online presence. And India itself will be generating more than 20 lac jobs every year. Nowadays, internet users are increasing worldwide, and only in India is there a significant rise of users even in remote villages. Talking about the stats in India itself, there is an increase in users from 259.88 million in 2015 to 564.3 million in 2020, and it’s still six months of 2020 that are pending. 

It’s one of the main reasons why there is an increased demand for digital marketers. Secondly, it helps to accomplish targets. Digital Marketing helps in reaching a niche audience anywhere around the globe and getting data. Keeping these reasons in mind, there is a never-ending demand for digital marketers who can keep up with the trends and ensure result-oriented marketing. But, it’s essential to have a certain degree in the field to make a strong foundation. That’s where the Digital Marketing diploma in India comes to the rescue.

Let’s talk about the Future

  • Search Engine Optimization and SEM Specialists: 

It is believed that an SEO manager can feel the pulse of a website and diagnose the problematic areas. The world needs more SEO managers to derive organic traffic and leads to the website. A manager with strong technical know-how and digital expertise is an asset to the company as he will increase the ROI and traffic on a consistent rate. 

On average, an SEO specialist’s annual package can be anywhere from 2.50-4 lacs in the beginning, and the sky is the upper limit. In 2020 there is a considerable increase in SEO jobs in Ludhiana itself, but the supply of qualified and experienced managers is in deficit. 

  • Digital Marketing Director/Manager:

The word is coined from two words Digital and Marketing. A specialist in the field cannot be limited to social media marketing and should have a business sense to make strategic marketing decisions. Usually, digital marketing can start with a social media marketing job in Ludhiana or metropolitan city, but after a while should expand his horizons. 

If the goal is to become a digital marketer, then opt for a Digital Marketing diploma anywhere in India and enter the industry with a certification to back you. But, as a Digital Marketing Director, it is essential to forecast, plan financials, and have a risk capacity to become successful. You can earn anywhere from 6lacs to 50lacs per annum, depending on your expertise and experience. 

  • Content Writer and Editor:

Do you have a flair for writing and always wanted to share your opinions with the world? Then becoming a content writer is the best way to enter the Online Marketing industry. It’s a saying in our industry that Content is the King, but I say, it’s the breath (life force energy) of the strategy. Being a content writer, you are responsible for everything from articles to web content to ad copies and even comments on social media. It’s your words that generate value for the company, so it’s essential to have your basics clear and keep up with the emerging trends. 

On average, a content writer can earn 3.5lac/annum to 15lacs/annum depending on age and experience. 

  • Content Marketing Director/Manager:

Content Marketing plays a pivotal role in digital marketing as it’s part of all the marketing aspects. A content marketer isn’t limited to writing or editing; he needs to understand what the demand is and accordingly create a content strategy for various social networking platforms. A content marketer should know about social media and can master it by taking offline Social Media Marketing Training in Ludhiana, Punjab, or online courses. It will help them better understand the target audience, idea generation, and creating content calendars, keeping in mind the TA’s demand and sentiments. On average, a content marketer can earn anywhere between 6lac to 30lacs per annum in India.

Learn, Practice and Evolve

Digital Marketing is amongst the top 18 skills that a company needs the most in 2019 states the report of Linkedin. It summarises the scope and needs of digital marketing in one line. Still, it’s of paramount importance to learn the concepts and processes to start a Digital Marketing Career in India. The need for an upskilled and professional workforce is increasing because, in the current scenario, the supply is quantitative instead of qualitative. 

With more companies resorting to Digital Marketing, now is the time to become a specialist by undergoing rigorous training and attaining mastery. At Roffers Academy, you will be well sculpted to become an in-demand specialist with a professional diploma and a portfolio to flaunt your work. So, if you are planning to embark on your “Digital Journey,” then equip yourself and become multi-talented, “Digital Warriors.”

PS: Around 63% of digital professionals claimed that a certificate and internship helped them land a high paying job.




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