Digital Marketing Strategy: Strive to create Value; Brand Identity and Revenue will Chase You

A great theoretical physicist and a Noble Prize winner, Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” 

The words were imprinted in my mind and gave birth to a digital marketing strategy that may sound out of the direction, but is of paramount importance and will yield results. Currently, digital marketers are talking about creating brand identity, but if we dig deep, it’ a by-product. The people create our brand identity, be it in traditional marketing or digital marketing industry; people are the main audience who can make or tarnish our brand identity. So, why aim for something that isn’t in our hands? 

The idea is to create value. If any business, professional or company can create value and a positive imprint in the mind of the target audience, then everything else will follow. Now the question is how to generate value? In the Digital Marketing Industry, we can create an integrated buying experience for the customers by being a part of their buying journey. When it comes to traditional marketing, marketers aren’t part of a customers buying journey. They are limited to the first stage, where a person plans to purchase products or is looking for options and the last buying stage when a customer is swamped with offers. 

But, if we create a digital marketing strategy based on costumers needs and buying journey, it will help them find your product or service. And, find it from the right source, i.e. You. In the digital marketing industry, answer the below-mentioned questions while making a strategy:

  • Is your digital marketing strategy creating a need and generating value?

As discussed earlier, people matter, and we need to create a plan that targets their needs, requirements and helps them make a buying decision. To create a need with the help of the digital marketing industry, find the platforms where your audience is active and interacting. Once you have arrived on the platform, create awareness and educate them about their needs, problems and bring them a solution. Social media platforms are an ideal place to create mass awareness, interact with clients and understand what ticks them. Become an integral part of their buying journey by educating them and develop trust. Once the trust is developed, needs are acknowledged; it will be easy to create value and lead them to the last phase of the buyer’s journey, i.e. purchasing the product. 

  • How is it going to create a customer base that will become a lasting asset?

A strong digital marketing strategy is the one that creates a lasting impact and makes your customers your influencers. Since the dawn of the digital marketing industry, marketers are trying to decode the secrets to attracting customers and make them loyal to the brand. So, you need to create a strategy that harnesses the interests of the target audience by creating empowering content to generate action. Your customers need to feel a sense of pride by associating with you, they need to feel recognised, and that will result in creating a lasting relationship. 

  • Is it practically applicable?

Planning needs to be practically viable and feasible. It’s a fact that investment in the digital marketing industry is less than traditional marketing. Still, many factors need to be considered before finalising a digital marketing strategy. Deciding about the various digital marketing platforms and channels to collect data is an important decision. Promotion cost per platform, content syndication of different platforms, etc. are important factors that need to be strategically planned. Once the blueprint is ready, go for a pilot test on a small group of audience to check its practical application. 

  • What will be the final outcome?

Think about the final goal while creating a digital marketing strategy. Are you planning to increase sales or your end goal is to create a new segment of audience or expand your business line? Your end goal is the founding stone of the strategy. If your goal is to launch your business in a digital marketing industry or increase customer-base, then create a strategy keeping the goal in mind, but keep an alternate plan of action ready. 

Digital Marketing industry is flooded with the ideas of increasing sales or generating revenue. Still, most of the marketers forget an essential fact: Customer is Smart today, you can’t outsmart them. Today, 54% of the people conduct online research, check reviews and interact with people online, and then make a purchase decision. The need of the hour is an evolved perspective. A digital marketing strategy is as good as your understanding about the end-consumer and your perspective towards things. So, in the digital game, opt for a long-term game and make creating value your aim. 

  • SEO is a Business and SEO Managers have to think like a Businessman

SEO is pure business. Are you wondering how? The primary responsibility of an SEO manager is to get a high-quality score and Google ranking organically. It means you have to get traffic on the website and influence them to make a purchase. So, SEO managers have to think like a businessman and create strategies that will get desired results without spending a dime.

  • Work from Home, Get a Job or Start your Consultancy; It’s Your Choice as an SEO Expert.

Millennials today believe in working as panlancers which means being a multitasker. You market yourself, get a project, work on the project and settle accounts; basically, you are a one-person army. A career in SEO helps today’s generation options to work in a company or start their own business or simply work as a contractor. As an SEO expert, you have a choice to shape your life your way.

  • SEO is a long game and means a stable income.

Financially speaking, SEO managers need not worry about job security or regularity of income. SEO takes an average time of three to six months to show results, and it requires continuous changes to keep up with the emerging trends and Google policies. Career growth in SEO is imperative to your expertise and experience in the field. 

  • Parting Thoughts

Having said that SEO is here to stay and easy to master; is it for everyone? No. Only those people should opt for a career in SEO; who love to learn, innovate and embrace the change. If you are amongst those who like to do the same thing for the rest of the lives; then SEO isn’t for you. But, if you want to be the torchbearer of change and love to analyse situations, find solutions and think like a Businessman, then SEO is your field. 



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