Why Choose Roffers for Digital Marketing Training and Internship Program?

Do you know,” Digital Marketing agency near me” is the most researched keyword and always gets leads? Are you wondering how you can know more about such keywords that can help you grow your business or achieve goals or get real-time results? Keyword Planning is only one of the responsibilities of a Digital Marketer. Still, it can make the SEO (another important task) of the website strong and make it the top-ranking website.

When we talk about Digital Marketing, the instant thought is, “promoting online business on social media platforms and search engines to get leads and conversion.” It’s right, but the sentence itself contains a plethora of concepts that, once mastered, can make you a Digital Marketing Expert. 

Roffers: A world in itself

Roffers is the heart and soul of Mr. Jaspreet Singh, a Digital Entrepreneur and Author, who always dreamt of building Digital Warriors in India. The seeds of Roffers were laid a decade back when he was in England completing his masters and working in an IT company. It was his time in England that he realized the importance of Digital Marketing and how it can change our country’s employment spectrum.

With a mission in mind, he returned to his home country and started a company, “Chopai India Pvt. Ltd.” Once the company became successful, he devoted his time and mind to his dream project, and Roffers was born. Initially, Roffers started as a Digital Marketing Consultancy company focussed on B2B projects, and soon, he started with Digital Marketing Education. 

Roffers is a world in itself where we help people leap of faith by honing their skills and talents that can make them Youth Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Tomorrow. 

Our Digital Marketing courses will equip people to adjust and become prolific in the digital world, which is a new reality now. It will help them become a pioneer brand of their industry, and people will idolize them. Become a part of our Online Community and become Employment Generators.

Roffers Digital Marketing Training and Internship Program

We are offering a complete digital marketing advanced programme to the curious mind and proactive learners. The course is designed in such a way that students will master the concepts of digital marketing effortlessly. The course is divided into 12 modules, with each module comprising assignments and practical implementation. 

We have designed and implemented a simple three-tier process where the student will Learn the Digital Marketing concepts in the first phase, followed by training in which they practically apply their learning and finally earn their certificate. In this way, a student undergoes intensive training and is polished to face the corporate world. 

The course comes with simple eligibility requirements:

  1. The student should be 18+ 
  2. Passed senior secondary
  3. Should have necessary communication skills 
  4. Basic computer and internet knowledge

There are absolutely no other eligibility criteria, and anyone with a zest to learn something new can join the course. Upon completion of the program, the meritorious students can work with us as interns and can also earn a handsome stipend.

Why Choose Roffers for Digital Marketing?

  • Learn from the Industry Expert:

Digital Marketing has become the need of the hour as the world has undergone a tremendous shift with Coronavirus Pandemic. Now companies are relying more on digital marketing over traditional marketing as most of their target audience is online. Now is the right time to make a career in the digital industry, and the best way to do so is by enrolling in a Digital Marketing Academy. Talking about Roffers, it is a digital marketing agency and an academy where students can enroll in online or offline courses, get certified, and kickstart their careers in less than three months. 

  • Up to date Course Curriculum:

Digital Marketing is evolving and changing at the speed of light. It’s essential to stay updated with international standards and emerging trends, tools, and techniques to excel in the industry and get results. Our course is updated frequently, and we ensure that all the changes are imbibed in our curriculum. Even our pedagogy is different from lecture systems or classroom teaching. We prefer to focus more on interactive live sessions and case studies in our offline classes, and in online classes, our modules are designed around real-time experiences and results. 

  • Practical Implementation on Live projects:

The best way to grasp a concept is by implementing it. Our Digital Marketing online and offline classes in Ludhiana are focussed on giving students an insight into our projects. Our interns or students who join the academy are put on live projects under the supervision of the project manager, and they will co-assist them. We also have a club called Brain Bank, where we involve interns in our projects, discuss business ideas, strategies, organize weekly activities keeping Kaizen theory as the base. 

  • Work on Real-time tools to get Real-time results:

It is one thing to know about the latest tools and another to use them to get results. One of the reasons self-taught digital marketers are not able to get results is that they ruin them and are either not updated with the latest tools or don’t use them. In our Digital Marketing Academy in Ludhiana, we give real-time tools in our interns’ hands and use them on live projects. It will give them hands-on training, thus making them confident and prepared for an actual job. 

  • Be a part of Roffers Community:

As discussed earlier, Roffers is a world in itself. We have created an ecosystem where our students are not simply absorbing knowledge; instead, they are implementing and imparting. Are you wondering, how are they imparting? In our digital marketing academy in Punjab, our interns are promoted as trainers, where they can assist their juniors and help them learn digital marketing. Similarly, in our Digital Marketing agency in Ludhiana, we have several projects going where they can work after completing their course. It gives them an idea of how they want to start their career as a Digital Marketing Coach or as a Digital Marketer. 

  • Flexible and self-paced learning:

Be it online or offline classes, we aim to make students feel confident that they are investing their time and resources in the right place. The sole reason we started with Digital Marketing online classes in Ludhiana, Punjab, is because we wanted to give the students the liberty to choose their time and comfort. They can attend classes anytime without changing their schedule and can control the pace of the course. 

  • Intern while you Learn:

The best way to learn is while you intern. Why do you ask? As an intern, you are not limited to lectures and home assignments. Roffers Digital Marketing Internship Program in Ludhiana is different because our interns will become a part of our team, work on our projects, brainstorm like our team, and will be held accountable or applauded for their decisions. It will give our students an edge because they would have already used the tools, practiced on real-time projects, interacted with clients, and will have a portfolio to show. 

  • 100% Placement Support:

We don’t leave our interns in the middle of the road. A common complaint we hear when students from different institutes talk to us is that they have no clue what to do after the course. We at Roffers believe that everyone has potential, but as a mentor, it’s our responsibility to lead their way and help them start their journey. We take pride in being renowned and trusted Digital Marketing Agency in Punjab. Our network and reliability are an advantage to our students as we help them get placed in reputed MNCs, and if they intend to start their own business, we are happy to help. 

  • Start your own Business:

Most students who join our Digital Marketing agency in Ludhiana ask how they can start their business. In fact, 58% of the youth today want to work for themselves, become employment generators, and intend to live a quality life. Their goal is to live to the fullest instead of work twelve hours a day for a paycheque. We appreciate the approach and support our students by helping them start their online business and walk them through at every step. Whether you want to become a Digital Marketer, consultant, panlancer, or a coach; we are here to ensure you are a successful one. 

  • Build Professional Network:

Last but not least, students in our Digital Marketing Internship Program in Ludhiana build a strong professional network. The professional liaisons are not limited to their batch mates; in fact, they get an opportunity to interact with many guest speakers and noted digital marketers in the industry. It will help them go a long way while building their own empire. 

In a Nutshell…

If Digital Marketing is your destination, then it’s important to have a blueprint of the journey. Our Digital Marketing online internship Program and the offline program will give students a sense of direction and clear focus before they can commence their journey. In fact, our Digital Warriors will be skilled and honed by practicing on our live projects that they don’t have to start as a trainee. So, equip yourself with all the resources, tools, and experience you need to become a thought leader and pro digital marketer. 



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