Ten reasons why SEO makes a safe, evolving and lucrative career option:

A global transition is taking place in the education sector, where 67% of the students are opting out of college education and looking for vocational courses. It’s a significant shift as people believe that traditional learning is limited, and 80% of the professionals have to upskill themselves according to industry requirements. Needless to say, when it comes to professional courses, Digital Marketing has become a popular option, and most of the companies prefer a digitally equipped workforce. 

Search Engine Optimisation is one branch of digital marketing responsible for the organic growth of the website. If a company want to rank amongst the top five on Google, then they need SEO managers. No wonder the demand for SEO Managers is increasing every passing day, but the quality of supply isn’t satisfactory. In the blog, we will discuss why SEO is a lasting career and opens multiple avenues for a professional SEO Specialist. So go ahead and learn ten reasons why you should go for a career in SEO. 

  • SEO is ever Expanding and Inexhaustible 

The field is as vast as the universe and indispensable asset of digital marketing. A career in SEO means you will learn something new every day or week. A recent Google update may result in a complete change in SEO strategy or content; so no day in an SEO Manager’s life can be termed as dull. 

  • SEO is the pulse of websites

There is a popular joke amongst digital marketers that if you want to bury a dead body, they choose the second page of Google. Do you know why? It’s because every website wants to be on the first page of Google and users don’t bother checking even the sixth link on first-page leave behind the second page. As an SEO expert your it’s your responsibility to increase visibility and discoverability of the website that’s why a career in SEO will never go in a recession. 

  • SEO Managers are an indispensable asset to the company

Are you concerned about career growth in SEO? Don’t be because in SEO there is learning, growth and freedom. You can start as an SEO executive and can step up the ladder of success to become SEO Head of the company. If you want to work as a freelancer that’s also an option or you can start your own company/website and work as a professional consultant.

  • Specialisation in SEO makes a professional distinctly ahead.

Digital Marketing is an industry where prominence is given to skill sets over degrees. If you want career growth in SEO, then opt for specialised courses or certificate courses that will accelerate career enhancement opportunities. You need to be an expert in your niche when it comes to Digital Marketing Industry; it doesn’t matter you have a degree or not.

  • SEO Managers are Problem Solvers

Are you a solution-oriented person? If yes, then a career in SEO is waiting for you. The dynamic nature of digital marketing means there are new updates, upgrades and issues that need immediate attention and solutions. If you have an analytical mind with a penchant to think out of the box, then nothing can stop you from becoming an SEO Specialist. 

  • SEO is a creative field and if you are creative; then SEO is your Game

Being an SEO Manager means finding unique and innovative solutions; it means finding ways to engage people organically. It definitely doesn’t mean repetition and mundane. So, if you think you have a creative gene, your mind is buzzing with ideas and strategising is your forte, then a career in SEO is your playground. 

  • SEO is Career Development

SEO is a career in itself, but if you are concerned about career growth in SEO or feel that it’s a limiting field, then you are wrong. You can join Digital Marketing industry as an SEO executive and master the skill; along with it keep learning other verticals or branches of the field like social media marketing, social media optimisation, PPC, video marketing, email marketing and develop your career as a Digital Marketer. 

  • SEO is a Business and SEO Managers have to think like a Businessman

SEO is pure business. Are you wondering how? The primary responsibility of an SEO manager is to get a high-quality score and Google ranking organically. It means you have to get traffic on the website and influence them to make a purchase. So, SEO managers have to think like a businessman and create strategies that will get desired results without spending a dime.

  • Work from Home, Get a Job or Start your Consultancy; It’s Your Choice as an SEO Expert.

Millennials today believe in working as panlancers which means being a multitasker. You market yourself, get a project, work on the project and settle accounts; basically, you are a one-person army. A career in SEO helps today’s generation options to work in a company or start their own business or simply work as a contractor. As an SEO expert, you have a choice to shape your life your way.

  • SEO is a long game and means a stable income.

Financially speaking, SEO managers need not worry about job security or regularity of income. SEO takes an average time of three to six months to show results, and it requires continuous changes to keep up with the emerging trends and Google policies. Career growth in SEO is imperative to your expertise and experience in the field. 

  • Parting Thoughts

Having said that SEO is here to stay and easy to master; is it for everyone? No. Only those people should opt for a career in SEO; who love to learn, innovate and embrace the change. If you are amongst those who like to do the same thing for the rest of the lives; then SEO isn’t for you. But, if you want to be the torchbearer of change and love to analyse situations, find solutions and think like a Businessman, then SEO is your field. 



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